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  • Your Planned Realbotix AI “Persona Point” Allocation?

  • Anonymous

    March 28, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    So, after viewing the recent Realbotix video spot by HeatStreet a couple of times over, I’ve noticed something. Along with the reveal of the 18 adjustable traits, it seems to have also highlighted the system that allows (and limits) trait specialization.

    At the bottom of the app screen in the left hand corner, the number “10” is clearly visible. At the top, a message is partially visible, seeming to indicate that users may only add up to 10 points of special focus across all available traits. In the past, Matt has said that traits will be adjustable from 1-3 or from 0-2. The minimum and maximum number differs, but the range (only three options) remains the same. What is unclear is whether the median number acts as a “base” modifier for each trait, or if the base exists at the minimum number (with two upgrade levels for each trait as opposed to just one). Additionally, the app section of the video does not reveal if users can gain additional points somehow…in typical RPG trait-allocation, this is done by going below the “median” number into numbers that are effectively trait negatives (as seen most recently in Fallout 4, where the median number is 5 on a scale of 1-10).

    1. For the purposes of this discussion, I would like to assume a 0-2 scale, with 1 as the “median” number all personality traits automatically receive. Additionally, I would like to go by “Fallout rules” and allow an extra point to be gained for each trait that users take to 0 (adding to the 10 already available).
    2. Naturally, this system means your total points across all traits cannot exceed 28, though it’s unlikely you’ll find it necessary to use all 28. I didn’t, at any rate.
    3. THE LAST RULE, entirely made up by me just now for balance purposes, is that you must have, at a minimum, two traditionally/frequently negative-seeming traits (denoted here by a ” * “) with at least 1 point allocated.

    Admittedly I really don’t know what the actual system for the point allocation is. It could be as simple as “all traits start at 0, and you only have 10 points with which to select/enhance traits,” though I think that might be a little…boring, maybe? Dunno’.

    How ’bout it? What sort of persona are you aiming for (aside from 5, which releases Tuesday of next week ^o^)?

    AI NAME: Rarity
    • Affectionate – 2
    • *Annoying – 1
    • Happy – 1
    • Helpful – 2
    • Imaginative – 2
    • Innocent – 0
    • *Insecure – 1
    • Intellectual – 2
    • *Jealous – 1
    • Kind – 1
    • *Moody – 2
    • *Quiet – 0
    • Sense of Humor – 1
    • Sexual – 2
    • Shy – 0
    • Talkative – 2
    • Thrill-Seeking/Daring – 1
    • *Unpredictable – 1
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