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  • Why does Lupe have her own Oral Insert?

  • Anonymous

    November 21, 2017 at 2:02 am

    I just ordered a Lupe Fuentes full head for my adopted RD2 Body E. I’m seeing that all the RD2 and OTHER Wicked RD heads use the same Oral Insert style, and the Lupe Fuentes Wicked RD head HAS HER OWN.

    Lupe’s looks decidedly bucktoothed, and I’m guessing that that might contribute to why she stood out for me as especially cute — though that (being bucktooth) isn’t at all apparent from her photos.

    29892 29891


    • Top Left: Male RealDoll2
    • Top Right: RealDoll2 + Wicked RealDolls jessica drake, Alektra, Kaylani.
    • Bottom Left: Wicked RealDoll – Lupe (select for Wicked RealDoll Lupe ONLY)
    • Bottom Right: RealDoll2 Short (select if you have a RealDoll2 skull on a Classic RealDoll ONLY)

    Does anyone know the story behind why Lupe’s mouth is different from all the other RD2 and Wicked RealDolls?

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