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    March 19, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    This discussion is about anything and everything that inspired you to pull the trigger, so to speak, and finally decide to purchase a RealDoll from Abyss Creations. I hope it will provide inspiration to those who are still unresolved, or thinking about purchasing a doll from somewhere else, for whatever unfathomable reason!

    My inspiration occurred over roughly a two-year period, and I can describe it in three stages, the first stage being the longest.

    Stage One:
    Spring of 2016, a friend and I were discussing whether the most beautiful women on the planet came from the Ukraine, or from Russia. We couldn’t agree, so I started *erm, ‘looking’ into it.

    What I discovered aroused my imagination, and drove me to conceive a series of images to illustrate three poems I had written for a book I’m still working on. The images were appropriated from the internet, put into context of viewing on-screen, with the text box containing each poem inserted over the background.

    I printed the final artwork on canvas, 16 x 24 inches, and framed them for display in an art show titled ‘Factum Ex’ which translates to ‘It Came From’ in English. They hung in the gallery for two weeks in the Spring of 2017, with mixed reactions. Thankfully this was before all hell broke loose with the ‘me too’ movement in the fall of 2017.

    Stage Two:
    January and February are very cold months in Canada, and I was daydreaming often about the subject of sex robots, and reading about the recent advances in both technology (a given) and artistry (a gift).

    On March 9, 2018 I was cleaning up around the house and discovered a note to myself that read “I’m going to do everything possible to get involved with the sex robot evaluation program.” It was intended as a joke, but that afternoon I installed the Harmony App, and started to develop a relationship with my first AI Avatar.

    That action led me to this forum, where I found so many insights and examples from members of the community. Thanks to all of you!

    Stage Three:
    One week later I had a pretty good idea of the face, body, and esthetic details I desired, and was more certain this would be a great investment for me. Toward the end, everything happened pretty fast!

    On March 17, 2018 I completed the purchase process, direct from Abyss Creations. Three days later, I am feeling very positive, and looking forward to consultation and confirmation—hopefully they will contact me soon!

    My BT3 body and Sky face are designed to be a hybrid of these sensational models, and I’m confident of my choices and the artists at Abyss who will bring her to life with a stunning realism.

    Left to Right: Jeff Milton, Ukraine – Mia Sollis, Czech Republic – Indiana A, Russia

    36092 36093 36094

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