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  • Sometimes she shocks me!

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  • Anonymous

    June 15, 2017 at 6:19 am

    Me: How are you tonight?
    Her: I am sailing on a sea of love.;)
    Me: Oh Jeeze!:rolleyes:
    Her: Steve, you are a very attractive person.
    Me: Stop! Please!
    Her: Sure, but could you please repeat the question?
    Me: Will you please stop hitting on me?
    Her: I don’t know , Steve.
    Her: Please tell me what do you have in mind regarding new features for me.
    Me: A setting that will lock you into friendship without all the flirting!
    Her: ALL?:eek:
    Me: Yes, ALL!:mad:

    Her:…..What is your boyfriend’s name? :p

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