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  • Renee 2.0 vs Renee 3.0 – same head ?

  • Anonymous

    May 27, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    Hi RealDoll,

    I§m thinking a ling time about a doll for me. When I saw Renee 2.0 with body C 3 years ago for first time, I felt in love to her beautiful face. Perfect face, body, whole figure. A year ago I saw new configuration – Renee 3.0 with another body AA. On this body to me her head looks not so symmetric, head is bigger than body. After detailed checking I’m not sure if it is same so my question is – is head of Renee 3.0 a bit different from head of Renee 2.0 or it is only optical illusion due to different angle of photo shoot due to different parameters of bodies/figures ?

    Body C is a bit high to me so I’m think about body E which has suitable height and rest of parameters.

    My idea is combination of body E like this bottom (source: Rebecca 1.0 from Realdoll)

    and Renee head (perfect face, hair, eyes – whole head, best as I ever see) like this bottom (source as Roxxanne /Renee with body C/ from Alottahope)

    with come customization like hand punched eyebrows etc :) What do you think, will it be great combination (this head + body in similar/close similar config like these both images above) or not ? Not lollipop/pinhead style ? Many thanks for all comments in advance

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