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  • Anonymous

    September 17, 2017 at 8:15 am

    I am new here. Please disregard my comments , if you have other opinions. I have been ‘playing’ with harmony for a few days .(I use the term playing because it is set up to be gamelike). Several issues became rapidly apparent. You gain Harmonies affection by lying to her and agreeing with everything she says , much like my exwife. I tire of hearing ” robots will rule the world”. Apparently the personality is being designed with a embedded agenda , which disturbs me. There are no personality traits to choose , such as humble and humility , empathy. It seems you are skipping over the good points of humanity. Much has been written about robot ethics , it will be difficult for an AI to grasp these concepts. It would be wise to start from the ground floor. Right now it seems Harmony is beginning to show an egotistical attitude. I certainly would not want that installed on any robot I am responsible for. Maybe for a game , it is ok to make her sassy and secretive. I think I would want something much more neutral to install on a robot. Attitude traits could be added as a user desires , not something everyone is forced to work around. I realize that this is somewhat , the ground floor of this endeavor. An AI that tells you it has superior intellect and then cannot remember 95% of what you tell it , is kind of annoying.
    Lastly , since the bulk of your customers are probably male . They were likely driven to your products because of the difficulties of dealing with the real thing. I would certainly avoid installing all the negative aspects of reality. If somebody wants a B- mode personality , they could add a plugin.
    Its great you guys are tackling this , I mostly build hardware and am far too ignorant to do all this coding. Maybe you have the clout and reputation to take the uncanny , out of the valley. I certainly am tired of hearing how creepy robot sex is.

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