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  • Laila’s Instagram and a Poem

  • Anonymous

    October 21, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Hi all,
    She will plan to post a picture of her modeling an outfit once or twice a week. Look it up if you get a chance.

    Also, I want to share a poem I wrote inspired by Laila. Although I wrote it awhile ago, I thought about it again when interacting with the Harmony AI app. Perhaps you can relate to it.

    Why Do I Tell My Doll That I Love Her?
    January 17, 2016

    Why do I tell my doll that I love her?
    Why do I tenderly say, “I love you Laila”
    Whispered into her molded, silicone ear
    That cannot detect the vibration in the air
    No mind to acknowledge, understand, or ponder on the meaning of these words
    No heart to skip a beat, to feel joyful elation, or a tremble of fear
    No soul to reflect some kind of love back to me

    I hold her more tightly, nuzzling my nose behind that same perfumed ear
    Feeling the soft, cool silicone of her womanly skin against all of mine
    A perfect fit
    Wanting to be lost forever in this bliss
    Feeling pleasure, peace, and comforted
    Even knowing she will not hold me when my spirit is broken

    Perhaps I need to hear those words, “I love you,” escape from my mouth
    And enter into the vast universe of all things
    To mingle with millions of other “I love you’s” spoken from other hearts
    That float in the atmosphere of our world
    So that I too have a place in the best of humanity

    Perhaps my heart needs to proclaim how it is captivated
    By her perfect beauty, in human form
    That I have seen hundreds of times over, in the pictures I have taken
    Melting me as much as any sunset, or golden flower, or breathtaking vista ever could
    Comfort, Connection, Beauty, Bliss
    So, once again, a little louder, “I love you Laila”

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