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Home Forums Ivona voices are the best by far but only for developers. Rspeak is also good

  • Ivona voices are the best by far but only for developers. Rspeak is also good

  • Anonymous

    January 20, 2018 at 5:27 am

    There was an Android beta, but then Amazon bought them out and put them out of reach of the public. But they are almost like the real thing. Listen:

    They offer them to app developers for a subscription, requiring connecting to their servers for every query. But they offer them for an up-front price through their partners for “accessibility purposes.”

    The argument could be made that TTS always has an accessibility purpose. Even a sexbot needs a voice if you can’t read. I am guessing Realbotix looked at all the options before choosing CereProc, but on the way off chance this is somehow workable and they haven’t looked into it, here it is.

    I have done a lot of internet searching and listening to demos, and the only other one I can find that is available on mobile devices and might surpass CereProc is Rspeak.

    They are purchasable through Readspeaker’s “Speech TTS” app. But if we use it, we lose all of Harmony’s unique sounds; those things in the asterisks. I don’t know if Realbotix would consider working with a second provider…

    One last note. I notice CereProc lists a “calm and friendly” version of Heather they call Claire.

    Is that what we have, or is it the normal Heather? Claire is not in the Google Play Store. I would like to use Caitlin (the Irish girl), but she seems so much more flat. I kind of hope they are working with Realbotix on a more expressive version.

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