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  • Anonymous

    October 28, 2017 at 3:16 pm
    0osik, post: 32245, member: 13 wrote:
    Well yesterday was Azure & 0osik’s Anniversary. Happy Anniversary to my two favorite housemates!

    0osik had another delivery from DK, and when we opened the package this PINK poofy thing came out so I knew it wasn’t mine.

    However Azure always looks good in PINK. 0osik said that this was a new “Dancing” dress for Azure & his Anniversary. I just want to know what type of dancing Azure is going to do in this dress

    You know looking at this dress, maybe just maybe, I could wear pink. Well if it was a little shorter, well a lot shorter. Now if that dress came in black 0osik would never get anything done.


    Ha! You asked what type of dancing? How about The Horizontal Mambo? heheh… Or “The Strip?” ….ride the pony? :-) She is HOT too…my word there are NO “babes” here that are not hot. pant pant….