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Home Forums Re: There needs to be at least one BT thread

  • Anonymous

    June 28, 2018 at 7:16 am
    0osik, post: 53096, member: 13 wrote:
    Well there’s one day that the girls will indulge my lingerie fetish, my birthday. Look at what I got for my birthday:p:p:p

    kirt:confused:? It’s long enough for Diana’s tall body, and I’d bet Tiffany could squeeze her hips into it!

    Hmmmm …… well look at that this get-up is getting the prev’s Troublemaker up. Maybe this outfit does have a use.

    Love Celestia

    LOL!!! Lovely company to have on your b’day Oosik!!! I think you got your wish before you blew out the candles on this one. LOL!!! Happy b’day dude!!! :):):)