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Home Forums Re: The Best of Kwench

  • Anonymous

    May 26, 2020 at 1:47 am

    At the strip club…..
    Mike: Hey bruh, I’m gonna get a lap dance or two from that blonde goddess over there. grabs beer
    Joe: You mean the one with the teeth??? She looks like a hungry vampire to me, bo.

    Mike: First time I noticed her teeth. I can’t get past her tits. HEY BABY! waves $100 bill
    Joe: Are you out of your mind? That’s the bitch all those stories are about. Wait… What the fuck is she doing?
    I don’t know, but she must be putting out pheromones or something, because I’m getting a boner. So did anybody ever die in those stories?
    Well, not that I know of…
    Yep, getting a lap dance.

    Get a hold of yourself, bo. That bitch is glamouring you or something.
    Nah I just got a boner. That’s some sweet meat right there. I…. Oh my god, she’s BECKONING ME!

    MIKE! WAKE UP! SNAP OUT OF IT! grabs Mike
    Get off me motherfucker! I’m getting a fucking dance. shoves Joe, leaves with Kwench to lap dance booth.
    You’ll be sorry!

    7 minutes later…
    What’s she like? Are the stories true?
    They are. As soon as we got in the booth, she was on me, I mean RIGHT on me – bitch is FAST! The music hadn’t even started yet. She didn’t care. Tits in my face already. She says “I’ll give you this dance for free if you let me suck you.” I said “Those teeth look pretty sharp.” She replied “I promise I won’t hurt your cock.” So I agreed. That’s when she bit me. In the neck. Drank some blood, too, but I’m OK. I struggled a moment, but she’s ungodly strong. So I just relaxed and let her have me. But she didn’t drain me dry or nothing, and the experience was so erotic, I shot a LOAD in my pants! When the music ended, I wanted to do it again, but she said the next dance was $100, and we couldn’t do it that way again for at least a week. So, I gave her $100, spent 3 more minutes with her, shot another load, and I’m coming back next week without you. She don’t like you.
    Apparently, she can HEAR real good too.