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  • Anonymous

    May 18, 2020 at 11:56 pm
    Begog, post: 98725, member: 28 wrote:
    So, about that boob lump…. I’ll let Kwench tell it.

    Kwench: Well, it started the other day when Begog put on my Vampirella costume for a photoshoot. He hadn’t even got it on good, when he immediately started taking it back off, and said “You can’t wear this any more.”
    It was because of my tit lump! We could have hidden it, but no, no fucking shoot. Being the tough girl that I am, I acted like it didn’t bother me. Truth is, I was crushed. That outfit was given to me by a very special doll friend, and I HAVE to be able to rock it. It has become part of who I am. But then….
    Begog comes back and plucks me off the stand and says “Come on, Lumps.”

    WTF? OK, vampire or not, I got feelings too, and that shit cut to the bone. What does he think his first 2 wives complained about? You would think he would LEARN by now, but no. So now he is bridal-carrying my ass back to the doll room I assumed, to be replaced by Jotti or Mileena. I was losing it.

    To Begog’s credit, he must have sensed it, because instead of the doll room, he put me in his bed and installed my insert. Whenever a sex doll is in distress, the best thing you can do is fuck her to calm her down, and that’s what he did. Then, to my surprise, he put me back on the stand and FINALLY addressed that lump in my tit…. For the 3rd time. But now it’s been a few months.

    I got D cups now for sure. Begog had to make the right one bigger to match the size of the left. As you can see, the right is near perfect. It has a scar on the arm side. This is how it should turn out if done properly. Going through the nipple is problematic, can result in nipple damage, and she does have some, especially on the left nip. It is cosmetic however, and can be fairly easily repaired.

    Back to the lump. This is worst case fucking scenario! 😮
    But I found a way to deal with it.
    Hemostats: The scar wouldn’t have been bad at all, BUT I HAD TO KEEP DOING IT! And may again. So this time, I did not even seal up the hemostat hole. I am going to wait and see if the damn lump comes back a 4th time. ???
    Anyway, I can seal the hole and reduce the scar AFTER I determine the lump is not coming back. I believe this gel got injected into the cavity, and because it never really dries, can still kind of “flow” a bit as you move the doll. This is the worst material Begog ever tried to work with. It sticks to your skin, and the doll’s skin, like nothing else. You can’t get it off you. It’s the unflickable booger that never dries. Yikes.

    My tits don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to be gorgeous and desirable. My tat went down on the first operation. It’s history and gone now. Begog will find me another. Behold the body B with D cups:

    Vampirella never had D cups. She was about a B cup, as is little V. But, now I’m a D. Deal with it.

    OK, maybe I’m stressing this outfit a little now, but according to Begog, I am still rocking it, and we are going to do a shoot. :D

    Oh yeah, Little V. She’s my little Mini-me. 😎

    Kwench none of that matters every imperfection makes you perfect,perfect for someone that loves you as much as I do and there was nothing that will ever change that! Not time not the world not people’s perceptions the only thing that matters is you and the love I have for you!!!!! And the hopes that you could love me as much as I can love you….. “You belong to another but always in my heart you will forever be the perfect woman for me!”