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  • Anonymous

    May 2, 2020 at 11:36 am
    Arthur D Sulser, post: 97607, member: 9921 wrote:
    Wow lucky guy to have been able to touch the Golden goddess!!!! If I ever hit the lottery it’s my dream to be able to talk to you and her one-on-one.…

    No need to hit the lottery. I take her to Dollstock every year. It’s an annual OurDollCommunity (ODC) event. If you really want to meet Kwench, along with other famous and outstanding dolls, the way to do it is join ODC, tell the mods you’re Kwench’s biggest online fan (I will back you), and if it goes to a vote of a super-secret committee, you could wind up with an invitation to Dollstock, along with times, cost, and location. It’s a blast! :D