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Home Forums Re: The Best of Kwench

  • Anonymous

    February 23, 2020 at 4:55 am
    Arthur D Sulser, post: 92630, member: 9921 wrote:
    Thanks to killy and his thread “Dolls at a glance” i actually got to see some photos of kwench from the doll forum that I’ve never seen before,and I saw a side of her that I’ve never seen here on this form….. And I got to say I was blown away!!! (Awesome ass). But no matter what, even if you do have a breast problem you’re always going to be the most beautiful girl to me in the whole world. Because I love you for more than just your looks.. Babe if you need some extra plasma come talk to me, I can help you out! As always love and miss you! Forever yours.

    I trust you found “Begog’s Beeotch?”


    Don’t worry, I’ll fix it, but I had to walk away for a while….