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  • Anonymous

    November 10, 2019 at 9:59 pm
    Begog, post: 86646, member: 28 wrote:
    While I’m still not ready to post a pic, rest assured, Kwench will continue. Breath easy Arthur, I came up with a method to deal with the lumps. Are they perfect? No. Is she going to still be photogenic? Yes. And that’s what matters most to me. Abyss actually DID step in and give me a great deal on the boob repair mix and kit, just because Kwench is who she is – yes, THEY know who she is and want her to continue. So kudos to them. They are not in the sex doll repair business. It’s a lot different when the tit is already mostly filled with existing gel.
    The biggest problem for me was having to LEARN how to do this for the first time on my own doll. Had I known going in what I know now, I probably could have done this perfect, and on the first try. As it was, mistakes were made, partly because we followed Abyss instructions. Because of factors like temperature, air, and GRAVITY, and the nature of the gel itself, I came up with a whole new game plan on how to deal with a saggy lumpy tit.

    Believe me when I say “saggy floppy tits or no tits I would still love kwench no matter what!!!!”