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Home Forums Re: The Best of Kwench

  • Anonymous

    November 3, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    I hope you can achieve that dream Arthur. Take advantage of our great economy, get a credit credit card, and don’t buy until you can at least put 25% down.
    As for Kwench…..
    No one has seen her breasts (except from certain angles) the last year or two, because after 5 years of mostly hanging on her stand, gravity has taken it’s toll. The breast gel has either disintegrated in her upper breasts, or migrated south. So, I ordered a boob repair kit from Abyss, and one of the last things we did at Dollstock was boob surgery on Kwench.

    I wanted the experts on it, which is why we did it there, but we were ill-prepared, trying to do this in a makeshift basement on a ping pong table. Also, someone (I should have) read the instructions to know that the gel needs to cure at least 8 hours before you TRY to move her, and 24 is better. So we waited 5 hours before I sat her up and drove her home 7 hours. Not good. Gravity and jostling caused the still liquid gel to migrate south and out the injection holes. I noticed this halfway home. ALL the way home I was having thoughts of buying a replacement body. Kwench was in dire straits.

    Luckily, Mahtek had the foresight to put the remaining mix in the freezer, and I carried it home in a cooler. This was HUGE! This gave me a second chance to make things right. Also. when I got home, (12+ hours after injection) the gel inside the breasts was not yet dry. Because of this, I was able to reshape the breasts, and let her finish drying on her back. A few more hours in the van, and I was buying a new body or letting the icon fade away. As it is, I’ve got the right breast looking beautiful, but sadly I’m still tinkering with the left, and it’s a D cup now, so the right is going to have to get bigger. Wish me luck! ;)