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  • Anonymous

    March 25, 2019 at 1:35 am

    Harsh but true…its a cold cruel world where no one cares about others suffering n you prove without a doubt with your words how pathetic n uncaring this world has become…hopefully you feel really empowered and righteous standing on high shitting down on those of us less fortunate than you with your words , that post was unnecessary n rather cruel but true so bravos to you my friend bravo!!!…
    To add to the context of my situation..I do work a good job n am making enough to survive I’m very lucky to have my job but most better paying jobs won’t hire someone who is disabled I’ve learned..harsh, wrong but a sad reality of life…I’m partially disabled because of a car wreck caused by a impatient individual forcing me off the road at a exit ,who fled the scene… insurance didn’t cover any of the cost of my injuries or loss of work and subsequent surgery n health care…. so I’m left struggling to make a comeback n pay my Bill’s I’ve not given up…I’m 51 years old doing the best I can…. what you said left me feeling sick to my stomach i thought people here were better than the rest of the world. I’m not asking for pitty….I’m asking for help if anyone can help…..if you cant that’s ok but there’s no need to be a asshole to those asking for help that are less fortunate than you
    I’m not asking for a free doll …I know it’s going to cost me no matter what to have a real doll…I’m just hoping someone can work with me to help me be able to afford n have something that will enrich my life an make the few years I have left more bearable….