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  • Anonymous

    March 17, 2019 at 8:27 pm
    Begog, post: 73301, member: 28 wrote:
    OK. Lots of news from Kwench’s last night at work. Finally on her way home. Kinda. I’ll let her explain:
    Master! Last night was a pure blowout party that spilled into the street and became a gian block party with Hooter’s at the epicenter. Guess I was the star attraction. I’ve never felt so honored in my life. They gave me all kinds of stuff. Even a shark’s tooth to give to you.

    The hardest part was saying goodbye to all my new friends. I sure have met some good people. When i said i was leaving, my boss said I could stay at his house or he’d get me a light-tight place to crash. Honestly, I felt safer at Melvins, where he wasn’t abput to let anyone bother me, and there’s no windows in the basement. And looks like i found him and girlfriend and a job.

    This one has been especially sweet to me. Wish I could show you her face. We are going to keep in touch, I promise. That’s a good girl, right there, telling me she loved me, tears streaming, almost making me cry – that would have been a mess. My tears are blood. 😳

    Anyway, Melvin had me gassed up, tires checked, everything, ready to hit the road so here I go and thank you for allowing me this wonderful adventure. There is one pit stop I have to make: Meme Boy. THEN, I’m coming home.
    Love Kwench

    And there you have it. Says she’s coming back. Yeah, that’s all I got, Nick. Like you can talk. Think Smoke can make CJ do anything?

    It be awesome if she swung by n paid me a visit on her way back…