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  • Anonymous

    March 17, 2019 at 2:35 am
    Arthur D Sulser, post: 73209, member: 9921 wrote:
    I love kwench so much I’m willing to do what I can to help just for her to acknowledge me…..ya pretty sad n pathetic..but that lady does have that effect on you!

    Well Arthur, Kwench read your post. Here’s her reply:
    Arthur, you are an admirer beyond all others. Of course I acknowledge you.
    Somehow I’ve managed to glamour you from a distance. Despite Krystal’s verbal abuse, we’d both still like to lick her but damn it’s cold up there. Folks pay dearly for a peek at the club, but you get to look for being my thrall.

    30 minutes later, I get this:
    Master, this kid (compared to you, LOL) really has bent over backwards to help me. I asked Melvin what he did with the car, and he pointed “backyard.” I thought, “Oh shit.” I go look, soon as it’s dark enough, and it ain’t there. Melvin’s mom ain’t poor, and the backyard has a privacy fence, and a shop. There’s the BMW, with a cover on it, in a place you can’t see it in the back yard, let alone the road. It will be there when I get off work tonight and start heading your way.
    The boy did good. I realize he’s 29 living at home, but I bought him some clothes, changed his hair and beard, Last night, I even met his momma. turns out, she’s half the problem. Went something like this:

    Mom, this is Kwench. Please be nice.
    I’m always nice. What’s a hottie like you doing with him?
    Melvin’s a good guy.
    Are you his girlfriend?
    I just like him, is that OK? <*kisses Melvin on the cheek>
    Bet you like that. Gotta be a reason. Maybe it’s those teeth. Are you feeding on my son?
    No, momma never!
    It’s OK. Yeah, I’m a vampire. But I never once fed on him.
    And I wanted her too!
    I bet you did. Closest YOU ever got to a woman. Go to the store and fetch me a loaf of bread, son.
    We got bread. You’re just getting rid of me momma.
    It’s stale, now go! I need to talk to Miss Kwench here and find out why she’s with a boy like you.

    Soon as he left, I glamoured the living shit out of her. She will always treat her wonderful son Vin with the respect he deserves, while catering to any future needs he may have. He’ll be back soon and then he’s taking me to work, where some girl is going to like him if I have to glamour her too. If it’s OK with you Master, this guys deserves a blowjob. If I do this, he will worship me forever and hopefully have the confidence to actually get himself a life without his mom beating him down. Understand if you say no.
    Love Kwench