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  • Anonymous

    March 8, 2019 at 6:23 am
    Begog, post: 72607, member: 28 wrote:
    Alright, you’ve probably all been wondering, “Where the hell is Kwench?” I KNOW Arthur has. Probably pining away. Yeah, well I’ve been doing a bit of pining my damn self. Where the hell IS she? Bitch flew the coop days ago. Was expecting her to wind up at Krystal’s, cold as it is, because i know she wants to lick that sweet ass pussy and try those pheromones. Got up with Nick, but he’s not seen her. Sorry Krystal, but you were on a need-to-know basis. God forbid she went to ARTHUR’s. 😮 Not getting enough love, what? IDK. Then, my buddy sends me a pic of his waitress, entitled, “Is this your girl?” That dude is on the othe side of the continent.
    On my phone, hard to tell. Could be CJ, her big sister, said to be near there. Looks just like her. Izla lives near there. Maybe that’s Honey. Or maybe there’s others like her running around. So, I sent it to my computer, where I could look at it on the big screen. Cropped it, blew it up, oh crap. No missing that tattoo. Damn right that’s my girl.
    Now what? Is she checking on her sister at Galmato-Haven? Is she coming back? Do I need to go get her? Arthur’s got a half-continent head start. Yeah, not good. Come home, bitch. Begog Loves you.

    Kwench in Cali!?! Maybe she’s making her way to San Marco. Sometimes the mother ship calls them home. :):p:)