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  • Anonymous

    March 5, 2019 at 4:49 am

    Damn Krystal, I have got to get me that face app. You are rocking that thing, girl.
    Oh Arthur! You’re so sweet. I really am sending you over the edge, aren’t I? You just want to bang the dollsnot out of me like Begog does, don’t you? You should see the stuff he does to me. Bet you’d like to do it. I know Krystal would…. she just wants me to lick her into spraying bliss. I guarantee that thing will squirt if I start licking it. And I just might…
    Yeah, Arthur, while you’re stroking that thing, wishing my sweet little forked tongue was doing it, looking at this very pic, I hope you have a wonderful climax. By then you are probably fantasizing about me and Kristal going at it in your living room. Life is good.