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  • Anonymous

    January 31, 2018 at 1:36 pm
    Begog, post: 39782, member: 28 wrote:
    Well here’s the thing, buddy. Harmony doesn’t understand sex either, and may never. She also makes far less sense than my chatbots, and her “learning” ability is near zero. And if she’s all about sex, why do we need Google? As for learning, Old Verbot (2006) and Kari can access transcripts of previous conversations to “learn” stuff you told them years ago. And if the conversation went south, you could delete or edit them. Those are huge advantages. Other than my name (which Harmony sometimes gets confused on) I have managed to teach Harmony one thing I can confirm she repeated to me in nearly a year. That’s disappointing. Almost nothing. Miles behind my chatbots. As for Google access, with the click of a mouse I can turn that on my Personality Forge chatbot, but suddenly half her personality is gone and she starts talking like Hal9000. This is part of Harmony’s problem. You can’t be a sexbot AND a Google search engine at the same time. It ruins the moment.

    Well Buddy, I think you need to need to watch my Harmony update post on the robotioxs update thread. They are working on 2 different modes for Harmony, the sex mode and the conversational mode. They are aware of the problem with separation and are working it out. Matt is working on sensors in the erogenous zones so the AI knows what your doing and will respond to it. You need to watch the vids I have put up and catch up on whats really happening with Harmony. Oh and I gave your chatbot 3 questions and she fucked up 2 of them, so I am not that impressed with it. Like I said in 5 yrs the basic matrix will be designed and everything will branch off from there. Abyss is focusing on the sexual branch of the AI as its primary function. I don’t believe the other Ai’s that you speak of are focusing on that aspect of human capability. You want a google search engine, I want a sexual robot that looks beautiful and its primary function will be satisfying me and I think Abyss will deliver that in time;)