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Home Forums Re: Questions about limits on the use of the site

  • Anonymous

    June 27, 2017 at 8:52 pm
    Possibly_Robosexual, post: 20509, member: 3598 wrote:
    Yeah that’s about right. You get what you pay for sometimes. The worst part seems to be the lower quality skin from what I’ve heard.

    It seems okay to post a pic or two in your profile album rather than in the forums themselves of your non-Abyss dolls. Would be good to even say “Non-Abyss doll” or not a Real Doll or something to that effect, but don’t promote them.

    If you compare the prices of Abyss dolls with the of european dolls you would see that many of the european dolls cost more .
    For example there is a north german company that produces silicone dolls with metal skelton and the doll cost 6650 Euro (that are about $7546) , I would not take the doll for free .

    I personally think it’s not ok to have pictures of Non-Abyss dolls in an album .

    One thing that makes me really angry is when I see (or hear) people call all dolls even chinese TPE dolls “Realdolls” , why can’t they call their dolls “Lifesize-dolls” or what ever . 😡

    I think the name “RealDoll” should be a trademark that belongs to Abyss Creation .