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Home Forums Re: Matt. A few questions when you have time.

  • Anonymous

    October 8, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Matt something I have wanted to do for a long time is put together the history of my path to getting a Real Doll in a thread just for shits and giggles and there is something very specific that I just cant remember. Back in my early twenty’s circa 1998-2000 I was flicking through an Australian Penthouse men’s magazine when I arrived at some photos of some really sexy lady’s, I immediately went “Wow!” and didn’t really go any further. It wasn’t for quite some time looking at the images that I realised it was actually an article (I just thought it was another photo shoot despite the large caption saying ‘Real Doll’ ), upon reading the article I was astonished to discover the images were actually sex dolls, Real Dolls they were called. From that moment I was completely galvanised with the idea that some how, some day I would own one of those dolls, I was totally sold. It took another 11~ years before that dream became a reality but honestly not a single day went by that I did not wish for one of your creations and as we both know it was a match that was meant to be and a very happy outcome for me.

    Do you have any records or ideas on when or what issue that article would have been in? Long shot I know but I would love to find a copy of that article so I can put all the pieces together. The image below was in the article and I think Howard Sterns comments on it being the greatest sex of his life and if he was lying may god take away all his ratings. I had no idea who he was but that testimony sold me, right after the pictures did :D

    Not urgent Matt, just wondering if you have any ideas around that. thanks.

    Even by todays standards that is a really beautiful doll.