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  • Anonymous

    October 10, 2015 at 6:30 pm
    Smoke, post: 159, member: 23 wrote:
    Yeah Bud… I was shittin my pants to say the least… She went down the stairs sideways and head first inside the crate… I had no Idea at the time how secure the doll was to the crate… But!!!! I HAD FAITH!!! My thought was….If a company is going to go to the trouble of shipping a doll in a well built Ginormous shipping crate such as this in the first place… The Doll must be well packed and secure inside… And I was right… There was no worries in the end… Downstairs is where the crate had to go… For obvious reasons..Where the crate HAD to go and Where I WANTED it to go were two different places. When I finally got the crate downstairs (in one piece. no one is more amazed then I let me tell you). I put here in my storage room for a few days because I had company coming over . I had to wait Until the first Of April to UN-crate her..

    This story gave my anxiety…I’m glad you weren’t injured! 😮