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Home Forums Re: 5 Years of bliss, Jade Summers my Body A Real Doll 2.

  • Anonymous

    November 22, 2015 at 4:12 pm
    Supersoul, post: 1448, member: 15 wrote:
    Thanks to my VIP membership that gives me a heads up on upcoming specials I was able to jump and place an order for my next doll and be at the head of the stampede, I am so excited! Her name is Paige Munroe, she is a hybrid, though probably not one you would expect and she will be a shockingly sexy blue eyed brunette.
    I cant wait to introduce her to you 😎

    Nice! Without giving the game away, could you perhaps give us a hint about what RD2/BT/WRD lines of hybrid she is a cross of? :)