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  • Anonymous

    November 8, 2015 at 6:59 pm
    Matt McMullen, post: 1240, member: 174 wrote:
    For what it’s worth: anything I do creatively is driven by the following formula- 90% I feel inspired to do it and 10% it might be a profitable venture. I started out making smaller scale versions of what are now Realdolls and I suppose I’ve come full circle. These dolls, if released, will be far more about art than profit. That being said, I won’t scrimp on the amount or skill level of labor required to do it right, unlike many of the smaller dolls I’ve seen. Looking forward to sharing those results!

    Awesome! Perhaps at some point you’d consider making a 1:3 BJD Scale/Super Dollie 13/57 cm (~23″) doll. The great thing about that scale is the huge community around it devoted to making amazing clothes, wigs, accessories etc. At that size it’s clearly a collectible as opposed to a sex doll, though most Super Dollfie dolls are anatomically correct, but it’d be incredible to have highly-detailed RealDolls at that size as decorative and collectible art.

    Also, for that 10 percent that thinks about profitability, Volks does well over $50 million in sales annually. ;)